About the Prints

Their life-like quality, botanical detail, elegant composition, and luminous color make The New Botanical prints by Vinette Varvaro an innovative contribution to both botany and art.

Designers are now able to use the ever-popular classical botanical theme with a more modern interpretation suited for today’s interiors. Botanists acknowledge the accuracy of the images and utilize them to catalogue and reference their collections year-round.

The New Botanical prints are created through a technical process that blends science, art and nature. Their purpose is to depict the most accurate and the most aesthetically beautiful reproduction of flowers and plants possible. This objective links them to their predecessors, the ages-old art form of botanical illustration. The work of Vinette Varvaro brings new life and energy to the subject of botanical prints. That is why she has entitled this innovative collection; THE NEW BOTANICALS.

The process by which these spectacularly brilliant life like art works are created is done through a digital light printing process. They are not photographs and no camera is used.

Step One: Once the subject is selected, many blossoms, buds, branches and leaves are gathered so there will be an abundance of botanical material from which to create one or several compositions. When specific plants are being documented for arboretums, nurseries, historical gardens or private commissions the selection process is often a collaboration between Vinette and the client. This insures scientific accuracy as well as a superb fine art piece. The selection can take a few hours or weeks if the goal is to show the progression from bud to bloom.

Step Two: Utilizing the skills of a long time professional artist; balance, color, form and composition many arrangements are created from freshly cut specimens until the final ones are chosen to be exposed to a digital light printing process. These images are saved to a digital file and manipulated to achieve the truest natural color and to remove flaws such as spots on leaves or petals. This step takes from approximately five to eight hours.

Step Three: Artist’s proofs are now made using a professional digital printer which contains vibrant archival light-fast inks. Images are corrected one more time making sure the most accurate botanical record is achieved. The final image is now printed on archival 100% rag watercolor paper, light-fast for 125 years, and recognized as a fine art museum quality print.

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