The New Botanicals in today’s interiors

Fresh and timeless, our botanical prints are at home in interiors no matter what the design style.

The artist in her home with a New Botanicals grouping and her assistants Frank and Beans.

The New Botanicals is a versatile body of work which was originally created for my clients who adore the theme of botanical illustration but were looking for something fresh and new. Antique botanical reproductions are always beautiful and popular. In today’s market, however, there are so many retail sources for prints that quality can vary greatly. Discerning clients need pieces only a designer can provide.

The New Botanicals Collection is your exclusive source for museum quality fine art prints. The images can accent or blend with classic, transitional or contemporary design styles. You may work with my representatives or directly with me, the artist. If you wish to consult me on selection or display it is your final vision that guides my input. As a designer myself, including a wide selection of colors, compositions, light or dark backgrounds and custom options was important in facilitating  design solutions.

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