The Floral Formations Collection

Visually speaking, flowers exist for me in many different ways. I am inspired by their vibrant brilliant color and endless subtle shades.

As an artist I focus on color and composition in my Botanical Collections. The image of the flower, its third dimensional form or its two dimensional shape have been a timeless inspiration for artists, designers and craftsman alike. For the Form and Flower Collection (a play on the phrase “form and function”), I isolated the shapes and forms of single flowers such as the dogwood and arranged them in lyrical, serene patterns. In these works detail, soft nuance of color and simplicity combine to bring a sense of peace and harmony to any environment. Again I have designed this collection to hang as individual pieces or in series. Look for more additions to this collection in the future.

Print Sizes: 7″x10″, 12″ x 18″, 18″x24″. Custom sizes and framing upon request.

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