The Lilac Collection

Bursting forth in May throughout New England, the lilac says “spring” more sublimely than any other flower.

In April of 2010 I found a note on my calendar that read “get lilacs”. I remembered that I had missed the lilac season last year when I had wanted to add a lilac to my Cottage Floral Collection. As fate would have it the next day I read an article in a local magazine about a lilac nursery nearby called Syringa Plus lilac nursery, I contacted them via e-mail hoping they would agree to trade a lilac specimen for a print and attached an image of the Dogwood. Evelyn A King replied on behalf of Syringa Plus and her partner Roger G Coggeshall that they would love to have me come for a tour and take some lilacs.

I had no Idea it would be the beginning of a brand new venture and a great friendship. I knew nothing about lilacs except that they were beautiful and that their magnificent scent was world renowned. After about 20 trips to Syringa Plus in less than a month, cataloging over 40 lilac varieties in different stages of growth I learned considerably more from the experts, Roger and Evie. Through their friendship and generosity I was introduced to Jack Alexander, the head propagator at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University and their exhibitions director Marc Devokaitis. Stating that my work was some of the most accurately detailed and color correct botanical reproduction they had seen, I was offered a solo show during Lilac Sunday in May of 2011. (Read more on Lilac Sunday and Vinette’s “The New Botanicals: Lilacs” exhibition here.)

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